The Greene & Pickens Black Families Association
The Greene & Pickens Black Family Association consists of a groups of African
Americans who are descended from the black slaves that were held captive in
Greene & Pickens County, Alabama.  During slavery, slaves were purchased and
sold to various slave holders, leaving their loved ones behind, and never to see them
again.  When the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, many blacks migrated to
other cities, leaving their families behind.

In either case, when black families were separated, they were breaking the family
ties.  Still to this day, families are scattered across the country and cannot identify
one another.

The intent of the Greene & Pickens Black Families Association is to facilitate and to
nurture a closer relationship with one another.  Every two years our organization
hosts reunions to mend the broken ties with one another and to preserve our black
heritage.  It is very disappointing to see families gather in times of sorrow and not
enough quality time when things are pleasant and good.  When one schedules
quality time, experiences of quality takes place.  

The Greene & Pickens Black Families Association is all about communication and
making the most of every opportunity by reuniting families with one another

Lets Mend The Broken Ties
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Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses

Proverbs 10:12